Tips for Memory & Memorability

Last week myself and fellow Ignite PR team member Lyla went along to the final Networx Brisbane event for 2009 at the Press Club in Fortitude Valley.

The Ignite PR team has been to all of the Networx events this year and Memory & Memorability: the key to making a lasting impression and succeeding with others was by far my favourite. Jennifer Goddard, Director of Buzan Centre – Australia/NZ and Fuzz2Buzz was insightful, engaging and relevant.

I’ll be the first to admit that my memory is shocking at times. So in the plush interiors of the Press Club I dutifully sat, listened and left realizing there is someone else out there as enthusiastic as mind maps and infographics as I am.

I wanted to share some of the tips Jennifer shared with us during the event:

  • Keeping your mind open is the key to creativity
  • Look for your Von Restorff moment. What is the one thing that will be remembered more than others? This could be for a media kit concept, a key message in a pitch presentation or a key piece of information in a report.
  • Find a ‘signature’ style and/or concept and stick with it. For example, the first public relations agency I worked for would send a box of cherries to clients every Christmas. Over time this became tradition and clients expected to receive the box each year, often calling if it had not arrived around the time it normally would in December.
  • Use mind maps for note taking and note making – use them to plan your meeting agenda with clients, plan a client’s strategy or to set your daily goals.
  • To enhance memory use the 12 memory and crea8tivity principles including:  Colour – don’t stick to blue pen on blue-lined paper. Mix it up!; Association – use association to remember someone’s name  you’ve     just met. i.e. Lani who has red hair.
  • Don’t utter the age old “What do you do?” question. Ask something more friendly and open such as “What is an interesting project you’ve been working on lately?” – this gives the person you’re talking to an opportunity to talk about something other than their profession. They might tell you about a home renovation project or perhaps a charity they’re supporting.

Lastly, thank you to Lisa Ma and the Networx ladies who put these events on each month.

Now, grab your blank paper, coloured pens and let your mind mapping begin!

– Lani Pauli, Account Manager