Rebranding – soul searching for a company

The past few months transitioning from LapePhelan to our new identity Ignite PR & Marketing has reaffirmed the power in strong branding and how integral it is in shaping market perception –both internal and external.

The decision to rebrand led me to embark on a ‘soul searching’ mission of sorts.  Firstly to determine why it was necessary, and then what did I want my new brand personality to be and represent.

Some poignant questions had to be answered: what did I want the agency to stand for; how did I want potential clients to feel from being exposed to the brand; how did I want current clients to feel; how did I want staff to be engaged; were my business values represented and aligned; how would I represent the agency’s point of difference?

Put simply, the process involved assessing the four key aspects of any brand- attributes, benefits, values and personality. The culmination of which results in the most potent angle of a brand – the essence – the central purpose and direction for the entire business and everything it does. Here is a simple example of how the brand development process works:

Attributes Benefits Values Personality
Big, leafy structure Provides shelter Kind Motherly
Hard wood trunk Provides building materials Spiritual Undemanding
Turns Co2 to o2 Helps planet breath and function Generous Stoic
Bears food Peaceful Strong Dependable
Green Provides food

ESSENCE = supporter of life

This process takes time but is invaluable in harnessing and unlocking the power and potential of a brand and ultimately your business.

The development of Ignite has not only re-energized me but the business, my team and clients. It was certainly the best path for sparking our growth.

– Trina McColl, MD Ignite PR & Marketing