Maximising the client lurrve…

In the PR and marketing game the relationship between the agency and the client is paramount. Client satisfaction and maintaining this status quo is the lifeblood of a consultancy and account managers work extremely hard to ensure success. It can be both rewarding and (if we are honest) down-right frustrating at times but with passion for PR as our driver we ‘fight the good fight’ day after day.

Each client is different and there is not a one size fits all approach for client management but there are a few basic criteria both the agency and client can fulfil to gain the maximum potential from the partnership.

Honesty is the best policy

Like in any relationship honesty is the cornerstone of trust and this approach is important to ensure clients get the best advice from an agency, and the agency knows what the client expects. Clients often think they know best but if you can honestly advise against an idea and recommend something that will work better; you will build stronger longer standing trust between both parties.

Regular communication

The more we know about a client the better we can do our job but in today’s busy world this can be hard. It takes effort and attention. The rule of thumb I spruik is contact with a client at minimum three times week and at least one face-to-face meeting a month.  This helps to ensure the agency is considered an integral element of a client’s communications team, and it provides all the fodder necessary for great idea development and thus good results.

Trust your instinct

If you sense something is up it generally is, and this is where tip one is vital. Be honest, talk to the client and ask them if there is an issue they want to discuss. Clients find it refreshing. It shows you care about them and the business. In most cases it results in solving a minor problem rather than a large one.

Be creative

In this business creativity is part of the foundation of success so it pays to have regular brainstorms to keep the ideas and initiative flowing. This can be a fun exercise to do with clients as well.

Follow these simple rules and the love will flow.

Trina McColl, Managing Director