Digital Strategy

Messages can be spread far and wide in an increasingly digital world, so you need to be in control of what content they consume and how they interact with your brand.

Media Relations

Through targeted media relations we ensure your key messages get straight to your target audience via the appropriate media channel.

Award Submissions

Award submissions can help propel business growth and be a strong platform for public relations. They take time and the right expertise to ensure your business is presented for a win, so trust it to experts.

Let IgnitePR
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About Us…

Awareness ignites here

Effective integrated PR and communications strategies come directly from insight and hot attention-grabbing ideas.

They also come from experience.

Ignite PR & Marketing is the evolution of LapePhelan – well known for its corporate and franchise PR expertise.

Our Managing Director, Trina McColl (previously Phelan), was a long-term employee and then partner of the company. She took ownership in July 2009 and re-branded the company Ignite PR & Marketing.

Our team has one mission:

To ignite growth and awareness in brands through

strategic flair and a passion for achieving results.

You’ll find the knowledge base developed over the 14 year history of LapePhelan is preserved but now energized through Ignite and our motivated and dynamic team.

We can’t wait to spark growth in your brand.


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Let IgnitePR put you in the spotlight

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