Bright Sparks

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Our business runs on creative energy. This energy comes from our people.

But we’re not the kinds of crazy creative people who dream up a bazillion marginal ideas then recommend the coolest one.

We’ve got serious management experience that means we’ll never put forward an approach that won’t generate results and return on investment.

Our team is young, educated and experienced.

Trina McColl


Trina has worked in PR and integrated advertising agencies for over a decade. Her management experience ranges from work on telcos and national franchise retailers, to FMCG heavyweights and local business. She’s worked for some of Australia’s biggest agencies including GPY&R. Trina was a long-term employee and then Partner of LapePhelan until she took ownership and rebranded the agency as Ignite PR & Marketing.Trina ensures that the company’s corporate knowledge is preserved but gains new energy and expertise. Her creativity, honesty and work ethic are the DNA of her agency.
Qualifications : Bachelor of Business - Communication major - public relations specialisation
Rosie Jumelet

Associate Account Manager

Rosie started her PR career with Ignite after undergoing a major career change. Previously a high school drama teacher, she completed her Master’s degree in Journalism, and now keeps the Ignite team motivated by handing out stickers and lollies for great work! An avid traveller, Rosie has spent time all over the world, through which she has gained exceptional people skills and an appreciation for diversity. These talents, along with her creativity, exceptional writing and organisational ability, make Rosie a key support member of the Ignite team.